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Avid DVD by Sonic

What is Avid DVD by Sonic?

The Avid DVD by Sonic software is an application that Sonic Solutions created specifically for Avid. The software is meant for DVD authoring and can generate highly professional, finished DVD products. Its design, however, allows users to achieve this without having to go through overly complex procedures—it boasts a cursor-driven graphical UI.

It also comes with Avid Xpress Pro integration, which means they can access metadata utilities through Xpress Pro for various interactive DVD elements: menu options, for example, or subtitles. It is also equipped with support for the Sonic Open DVD technology, which allows a person to make alterations to a DVD even if he does not access to the original files that were used as the source—a critical feature for those submitting DVD media to someone else for feedback and editing purposes.

The program has professional mastering tools, 24p support, and multilink DVD playlists that have as many as 60,000 links. This is achieved through the inbuilt Playlist Manager. It also has MetaSync integration, along with myriad authoring tools that automate and thus simplify the usually tedious process of creating polished DVDs.

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