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What is AutoREALM?

AutoREALM, as hinted by the name, is a free program intended for fictional realm creation, specifically map creation for computer game implementation. Comparable software would include the CAD-based Campaign Cartographer. The AutoREALM application was developed based on vector graphics and is largely used to create maps for RPGs (Role-playing Games). It has undergone several translation attempts into other programming languages—most notably the C++ language—but the original language used for its development was Delphi. It was also written specifically for Windows systems, so it is not compatible with Mac OS X and other systems. Unix and Unix-like operating systems, however, are able to run the program when using a compatibility layer application like Wine.

AutoREALM supports graphics creation based on layer composition. There are multiple presets for lines and fractal line drawing is possible. As the program is open source, it also contains multiple elements that have come from developers other than the original creator, such as contributions from the symbol preset bank. To support the intent of creating fictional game realms, the program ships with utilities like an automatic place-name generator that generates context-free names.

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