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If you are looking for AudioGate, you have come to the right place. We explain what AudioGate is and point you to the official download.

What is AudioGate?

KORG’s AudioGate is a program designed to allow users to record master audio files in Sony’s and Phillips’s proprietary DSD (Direct Stream Digital) format. DSD is an audio format that permits ultra-high audio quality with reduced distortion in the resulting sound. However, not all users have media playback or management applications that can handle DSD. AudioGate is not only capable of recording and importing DSD files but can also convert them into lower-resolution audio formats while preserving as much of the quality of the DSD file as possible. It does this with advanced sample rate technologies and dither processing that considers both regular human audio perception and actively works to reduce distortions in the resulting sound file.

The program is also a media player as well as a DVD/audio CD burner. It has a non-destructive DSD file editor and a user-friendly graphical interface. There are 2 versions of it: one for Windows and another for Mac. There are some differences in the file formats each version can import/export. For instance, the Windows version into the WMA formats (regular, professional and lossless) but not the AAC and Apple Lossless format. The Mac version, on the other hand, cannot export in WMA but can save files in the proprietary Apple formats.

Download AudioGate from the developer

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Download AudioGate (external link)


File types supported by AudioGate

Our users primarily use AudioGate to open these file types:

About file types supported by AudioGate

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Last updated: : July 7, 2014