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Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum

What is Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum?

The Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum is a program that allows users to uninstall or reinstall programs with ease and efficiency. This might seem a superfluous program at first as most applications come with their own uninstallers, but the truth is that most uninstallers do not in fact remove all of a program’s files from a user’s computer. Many applications leave program files after uninstallation, along with entries in the user’s registry and even added services that continue to run after the main program has been removed—in fact, a lot of these added services run on system startup, without the user’s knowledge. The result is a bloated computer that is slowed down by unnecessary and unwanted processes running in the background, and lowered memory due to the remaining files from the “uninstalled application”.

Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum saves users from these problems by carrying out perfect, clean uninstalls: all files and entries associated with the application to be removed are also deleted. Users who change their mind after the uninstall can reinstall the program more quickly too with the Ashampoo utility, as it can manage a reinstall faster than even the dedicated installer for the program.

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File types supported by Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum

Our users primarily use Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum to open these file types:

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