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Articulate Quizmaker

If you are looking for Articulate Quizmaker, you have come to the right place. We explain what Articulate Quizmaker is and point you to the official download.

What is Articulate Quizmaker?

Articulate Quizmaker is a quiz generating software intended for online exams and tutorials. It is designed by Articulate Global and targeted institutions and online schools since the 20th century. From its name, articulate, the software gives the best features a teacher may need to assess his students. The Articulate Global earned awards upon release of this innovative software.

Articulate Quizmaker has a wide variety of templates to choose from. The user can choose from different categories such as surveys, exams, quizzes and assessments. All the tools are available in the menu in the upper part of the screen. The user can drag and drop them conveniently in the quiz sheet. Moreover, he can choose either from form view or slide view when he is developing his quizzes. Using form view, the user can fill up templates available while in slide view, he can create his own slide anyway he wants. Articulate quizmaker also supports over 47,000 combination of fonts and graphical fonts for making slideshows.

Apart from this, the user can also import media files which are relevant to his survey or quiz. He can also import videos from a webcam and embed it to his workspace. Audio files can also be imported or better yet, can be recorded directly from quizmaker. These audio files can serve as a narration for the quizzes or videos. The software can also draw objects and lines. It can add color, shadow and glow so that it will be catchy for learners. These features are also applicable to pictures, questions and videos.

Articulate Quizmaker also supports html and web documents as part of the tutorial. On the timeline, the quizmaker can select a perfect timing for the questions to pop out. The user will not worry if he has a lot of quiz items, because the Articulate Quizmaker has a slide master feature. In this feature, the single design and template can be applied to the preceding slides.

The user can also manage assessments in the Articulate Quizmaker. He can easily view the results and how the learners interact with the quiz. The software is designed to make the students feel like this is a quiz in a paper classroom setup. After doing an assessment, the user can export the results in Microsoft Word for reporting.

Articulate Quizmaker can be published in HTML, Flash and other mediums compatible in tablets, iPads and iPods. Generally, this software runs in Windows and Mac in Tosh operating system.

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Last updated: : December 20, 2013