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APLI Business Card Software

What is APLI Business Card Software?

The APLI Business Card software is an application that APLI packages with its downloadable freeware, APLI SOFT PRO. The program is the part of the APLI SOFT PRO suite that purports to give users the ability to design their own custom business cards for printing—the idea, of course, being that the cards should be printed on APLI’s paper products. However, users are free to print their actual designs on other papermakers’ products if desired.

The program saves all designs created with it in a proprietary format from the company. It can also send the designs straight to a printing device if the user is satisfied with what he has crafted on-screen. The design interface gives users a clear preview of the end product, and most of the designing process can be carried out through a standard GUI that those familiar with graphics editing software will find easy to navigate.

There are card templates, borders, designs, and even a medley of vector graphics and images that can be used to add artistic touches to the business card being designed. Users also have several font options from which to make their choices.

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