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Algodoo Phun edition

If you are looking for Algodoo Phun edition, you have come to the right place. We explain what Algodoo Phun edition is and point you to the official download.

What is Algodoo Phun edition?

The Algodoo Phun edition was the predecessor to Algoryx Simulation AB’s Algodoo, and just like its later counterpart, was a 2D graphic simulator created to facilitate physics-related education. The program operated under the essential premise that people crafted their own models or mental simulations of concepts or things they were learning in order to understand them. In Phun, users were able to craft similar mind models of (physics-based) concepts, only in a more easily shareable, visual format.

Phun allows users to select from a large set of object models—polygons, shapes, and so on—that can be arranged however they like in the environment they have on-screen. These can be stacked up in a pyramid, for example, or put together in order to mimic the appearance of a car, and so on. Following the “building blocks” phase is the entry of certain physical parameters for different variables in the constructed image/model. Users can specify movement by vectors, they can alter the physical properties like the environment’s gravitational force, they can alter the degree of friction between objects, and more. The software thus functions as a sandbox engine that users can employ to craft “what if” scenarios for testing and exploring concepts in the field of physics.

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Last updated: : June 1, 2014