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What is AGi32?

AGi32 is a program offered by Lighting Analysts for illumination engineers. Its primary goal is to serve as a computational platform and simulator for lighting designs and arrays, so that illumination engineers can craft better, more effective lighting plans.

Capable of calculating point-by-point light incidents on various surfaces and materials for the prediction of luminance distributions, it is equipped with the facilities for two calculation methods: the direct method and the radiosity method. It also manages automated point generation as well as multidirectional and user-defined calculation points.

The program has model-building capabilities too, of course, although users can choose to simply import a 3D model from a CAD application into the program: compatible file formats are DWG and DXF. Simple as well as complex geometric constructions are supported. Room surfaces can be user-defined as well. It also has object libraries for enhancing photorealism.

AGi32 is capable of assembling a catalog of luminaires for reference and can export models or simulation graphics as DXF or DWG files. It has a powerful rendering engine with ray tracing capabilities that supply highly realistic as well as crisp imagery.

Download AGi32 from the developer

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File types supported by AGi32

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Last updated: : December 10, 2014