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Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit

What is Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit?

Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit is a technology product that functions as an image and video processing software which is integrated with Pixel Bender graph language and kernel language. The Pixel Bender kernel language is used in executing image processing algorithms in filters or effects. The other one, the Pixel Bender graph language is a language based on XML to combine pixel-processing operations or kernels into complex filters.

Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit also includes the Pixel Bender Toolkit IDE, samples of filters and documentation. The Pixel Bender Toolkit IDE is an integrated development environment exclusively for Pixel Bender.

This software is downloadable for both Windows and Macintosh computers. The latest version is Pixel Bender Toolkit 2.5 which is designed for both Windows and Mac computer users. This new version has improved features like the visual text-based Graph Editor which is used in manipulating a graph structure and editing codes. There are also repair solutions included to fix any troubleshooting issues when the software is in use. It can fix any problems on the interface, Pixel Bender graph or kernel processing and preview or playback of the Flash Player.

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File types supported by Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit

Our users primarily use Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit to open these file types:

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