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Adobe Muse

If you are looking for Adobe Muse, you have come to the right place. We explain what Adobe Muse is and point you to the official download.

What is Adobe Muse?

Adobe Muse allows users to create websites without writing scripts. The program is integrated with a set of tools that enable the user to create a website that may be viewed from a desktop or a mobile device.

To create a website, the user selects the Create New Site option from the Welcome screen. With this selection, the New Site window will appear. Here, the user can specific if the website is for desktop or mobile. The user will also specify page width, minimum height, and number of columns, column width and gutter, for the layout. Margins will likewise have to be specified. By default, Sticky Footer is enabled.

Sticky Footer basically places the website at the lower end of the browser window, regardless of the monitor’s resolution. So if the website is smaller in dimension when compared to the dimension of the monitor, it will not appear in the middle of the screen, leaving a blank space at the bottom of the browser.

The user creates a site map next, which lists down all the pages that will be included in the website. The user can rearrange the pages via drag and drop. When the pages have been arranged, the user can then add elements into the pages.

The user can get a view of the website through the Preview option, before publishing it, so that if any changes need to be made; the user need only to close preview so the pages can be edited. Once everything is in order, the user may upload the site via the Publish tab.

Download Adobe Muse from the developer

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Download Adobe Muse (external link)


File types supported by Adobe Muse

Our users primarily use Adobe Muse to open these file types:

About file types supported by Adobe Muse

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Last updated: : May 21, 2013