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Adobe LiveCycle Designer

What is Adobe LiveCycle Designer?

The Adobe LiveCycle Designer is a forms authoring application, which means it can create designer forms using XML, which can then be exported (or saved as) either PDF or HTML files. With the LiveCycle Designer, users can easily design such forms and form templates, define the logic of forms, make changes and edit and finally preview the forms before they can be rendered into PDF or HTML. Not only this, but the LiveCycle Designer has a built-in support for forms security in the form of digital signature support, plus full compliance with government, state or federal requirements regarding official and/or online forms. In this sense, the LiveCycle Designer is similar to Microsoft Office InfoPath, which fulfills the same role and mostly the same capabilities.

Originally developed and published by JetForm, this company was later acquired by Adobe in 2002, and the first of what would become the LiveCycle Designer was launched in 2003 as the Adobe Forms Designer. It was later incorporated into Adobe’s LiveCycle line that precluded the need for the form to require the Adobe Form Server to create dynamic forms. One limitation however is that the Adobe LiveCycle Designer only works on Windows, and not on Macs.

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File types supported by Adobe LiveCycle Designer

Our users primarily use Adobe LiveCycle Designer to open these file types:

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