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What is Across Crossword Products?

Across Crosswords is a revolutionary electronic crossword that is over a decade old. It is an iPad application that comes with a printed solving page along with edge keys, virtual or physical keyboards. It also features the ability to adjust contrast to favorable lighting conditions, as well as adjustable touch sensitivity, and saving options. The SmartMove clue selection feature is present in the software to emulate solvers; it is an aid for beginning players where it solves crossword in cris-cross pattern. The ClueScan is also featured for clue crossing; it successively and temporarily highlights crossing clues.

The idea of the software being used in an iPad is to make it feel real and not just like using a laptop with a touch feature; the players will enjoy the feel of solving the puzzles in a page where everything is already placed. This also captures the feeling of using the peripheral vision on puzzles where thought and solutions are triggered. The software is also diverse in customization to cater for different players with different preferences. Additionally, it features crosswords annotated learning points for improvement of skill.

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