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ACI Report

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What is ACI Report?

ACI Report is an application that is part of the ISO ClaimSearch suite. It functions mainly as a provider of integrated solutions that address to concerns related to insurance fraud and claims processing. The suite is considered as a comprehensive tool that is used to obtain essential data on properties, automobile claims, and even theft.

ACI Report is obtained each time a client uses the secure Web platform of ISO Claim Services. The platform supplies the vital data that a user needs to further expedite the processing of his claims. By doing so, he can avoid encountering fraudulent or questionable claims. The application also aids users in researching and reviewing the histories of the claims so as to understand claim patterns.

ACI Report also provides access to important documents and forms that are necessary when submitting a claim. These forms or documents cover essential insurance policy that are mandated by different states. The entire ISO ClaimSearch service works with state workers, TPAs (short for Third-Party Administrators, law enforcements agencies, as well as fraud bureaus. It also swerves insurance funds and collaborates with other insurers.

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Last updated: : July 31, 2013