Acer Arcade Deluxe

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What is Acer Arcade Deluxe?

The naming convention of this particular piece of software is still up for debate, but the Acer Arcade Deluxe, developed by Cyberlink specifically for Acer machines, is a preloaded application that acts as a central media player that plays the three types of digital media – video, music, and images. The interface is similar to a Windows Media Center and does about the same job, with similar performance. The Acer Arcade Deluxe is not a downloadable application, although the curious thing is that it’s not OEM-locked so a few enterprising individuals have ripped it off their machines and offered it as (unsanctioned) downloads on the Internet.

The Acer Arcade Deluxe can play most multimedia files, and can even play back movies or music stored on an inserted disc, for example a DVD or a Blu-Ray disc, and offers support for the latest HD experience and codecs and filters. It also offers a free live update that can be set to automatic or manual, plus other advanced settings that users can change or tweak, depending on their preferences.

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File types supported by Acer Arcade Deluxe

Our users primarily use Acer Arcade Deluxe to open these file types:

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Last updated: : May 3, 2012