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Accelrys Draw

What is Accelrys Draw?

Accelrys Draw is a computer-assisted drawing or CAD program for chemists and biologists. It can illustrate various scientific structures such as biological sequences, molecules, and chemical processes. It also has a structure-to-name feature: in other words, users can create their drawings first, then allow the structure to generate the name automatically.

The software is not just intended for plain visualization of scientific structures. It can also be used so that the user will be able to search and register said structures for analytical and research purposes. DNA sequences, for instance, can be made, registered, and then searched using the program, with users given the ability to make alterations to their creations so as to make residual inclusions. The software also supports Sgroup features. Complex visualizations of objects such as polymers and formulations are also doable with the program.

Accelrys Draw is available for free for several types of users. For example, academics and students may use and install it for free. The same goes for developers, who are also given access to the program’s API documentation. In other words, all non-commercial uses of the software are cost-free.

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File types supported by Accelrys Draw

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