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Opening THUMBDATA3-1763508120 files

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What is a THUMBDATA3-1763508120 file?

The .thumbdata3-1763508120 file extension is one of the .thumbdata3 file types that Google Android OS uses. The .thumbdata3 files are temporary files derived to serve as Android Thumbnail index files which are used in representing photos found in some Android Phones. They can also be found in SD Cards, stored sometimes in the DCIM folder. The number '1763508120' may represent the serial of the device system used in generating the .thumbdata3 files.

The .thumbdata3, primarily, is a storage database of thumbnails that are used in visual features of Android phones. The main purpose of .thumbdata3-1763508120 thumbnail database is to load the images faster into memory using the indexes generated so that when the user open apps like Gallery, the apps will not lag to display the thumbnails.

The .thumbdata3 files have a wide range of memory size, but more often than not, they are large enough to cover a lot of memory. To conserve the memory disk or the SD Cards, .thumbdata3 files like .thumbdata3-1763508120 can be deleted. Doing this will not harm the phone and if it is necessary, the system will just recreate them.

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