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Using the YouTube dark mode

Discover how to turn on YouTube dark mode on PC and Android. Follow beginner-friendly instructions on how to give youtube a dark look using any browser.
YouTube Dark Mode

YouTube Dark Mode brings relief to your eyes since it can reduce eye strain and make watching videos less painful on your eyes. Depending on the type of display your phone has, it can also save your phone some valuable battery life. Not to worry, though, swapping the white background for the dark one won't affect how YouTube works in any way. This rule applies to whether you're using the video platform's dark mode on your computer or on your Android device. Below you'll find how to:

  • Enable dark mode YouTube on your computer
  • Use dark mode on Android devices

How to turn on YouTube dark mode on your computer

YouTube's dark mode can be turned on in any browser.

  1. Go to YouTube and click on your profile picture.
  2. From the menu that appears, click on Dark theme.
    turn on youtube dark mode on desktop
    How to access the Dark Mode option
  3. A dialog will appear in the upper right-hand corner letting you know that:
    • Light areas of the YouTube page will turn dark.
    • The changes you're about to apply will only apply for the browser you're using at that time.
    Toggle on the feature and the changes can be seen instantly.
    instantly use dark mode for youtube
    How to turn on YouTube dark mode

How to turn on YouTube dark mode on Firefox and Microsoft Edge

To switch to using dark mode in YouTube in the Firefox or Edge web browsers, you will need to follow the steps above. These steps are the same for all browsers, and you'll switch to dark mode as soon as you toggle it on.

dark mode theme on YouTube on FireFox
Steps to turn on dark mode for YouTube on Firefox

Use YouTube dark mode on Android

  1. To Use YouTube dark mode on Android devices, first open the YouTube app.
  2. When you're at the YouTube main page, tap on your profile picture and swipe down until you find the Settings option.
    youtube dark mode for Android
    Settings option that leads to the Dark mode option
  3. Tap on Settings, followed by General. Toggle the Dark theme or dark mode option to enable it. There's no need to restart the app.
    steps to turn on youtube darkmode on Android
    Steps to follow to turn on YouTube dark mode for Android

To go back to the original white YouTube theme, follow the steps you followed to enable the dark mode theme and toggle it off. Dark mode is not available through your Android devices normal web browser though.

Do you prefer the YouTube dark theme?

Dark mode on YouTube is a great change if you're tired of looking at the traditional white page. It's really easy to use dark mode wherever you use YouTube, because the steps work no matter what computer browser you are using.. Will you be using dark mode on YouTube indefinitely, or will you be switching back and forth?

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