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How to get help in Windows 10

Has Microsoft released an update that has left you confused? There are many different ways in which you can get help in Windows 10 - here are some of the best.
How To Get Help In Windows 10

Some of the changes that Microsoft makes each year can be quite confusing, but it's easy to get help with Windows 10. While some of the changes that Microsoft makes are small and easy to get used to, others can be quite drastic. The good thing is that there are multiple ways in which you can get assistance with Windows 10. Whether you are curious about new features, or you need to troubleshoot something, the help and tips prepared by Microsoft and the discussions in the official forums will be useful.

Get help with windows 10

You can get help in Windows 10 in one of the following ways.

  1. Use the Windows 10 search field to see suggestions.
  2. Use the Get Help virtual assistant.
  3. Use the Tips app.
  4. Visit the official Microsoft forums.

Use the Windows 10 search field suggestions

The first place where you can get help is the Windows 10 search box. Type in what you are looking for or having a problem with and see what suggestions appear. For example, if you type background in the search box, All of the results returned are related to this keyword.

  • Background image settings
  • Background apps
  • Choose your desktop background
  • Choose which apps can run in the background
  • Show Windows background images
  • ...

Even if you know only one or two words related to the problem, setting or app you want to get help with, you'll have a list of related results. Even if nothing in the Settings section of the results matches what you want to know, you can easily do a web search using Bing under Search the web.

Windows 10 search box Help
Enter the phrase you need help with, the results returned might offer you a solution.

Use the Get Help virtual assistant

Microsoft is striving to improve the user-friendliness of its operating system. In Windows 10, you can even reach out to a virtual assistant to seek help from within a built-in app in the operating system.

  1. Enter Get Help in the Windows search field next to the Start button.
  2. Click on the Get Help app.
    Get Help in Windows 10
    Type Get Help into the search field in Windows 10 and click on the Get Help app result.
  3. Describe the issue you are having to the virtual assistant, and they will help to resolve your problem by offering you multiple possible solutions.
    Microsoft Windows 10 Get Help virtual assistant
    Describe your issue to the virtual assistant, and receive immediate suggestions to find a solution.

There are a few more ways in which you can get help in Windows 10.

Use the Tips app in Windows 10

Every year, Microsoft releases a larger update to the Windows 10 with smaller and larger changes: new features and apps are added, some older features are removed, settings are changed and the user interface can look quite different. To learn more about Windows 10 and the changes introduced by each update, you can use the Tips app.

  1. Enter Tips in Windows search field next to the Start button.
  2. Click on the Tips app search result.
    Tips app in Windows 10
    Open the Tips app in Windows 10.

In the Tips app, you can explore various sections filled with helpful information, including:

  • What's new
  • Windows 10 essentials
  • Personalize your PC
  • Top Office tricks
Tips app sections in Windows 10
Some of the available sections in Tips app in Windows 10.

These are only some of the sections, there are many others available. The information in the Tips app is very useful, especially when an update to Windows 10 has been released - Make sure to explore it before you continue your search elsewhere online.

Visit the official Microsoft forums

No matter what kind of issue or challenge you are experiencing with Windows 10, the official Microsoft forums is one of the most complete sources of help with Windows 10.

Official Microsoft support pages
Head over to the Microsoft official support website.

Simply enter in your browser's address bar, and then search the forums for the topic you need help with. Most answers provide a lot of detail. But, if you find you have a question has not yet been answered, you can ask it there. Windows 10 Help Guides on On we have carefully selected and explained some of the most common questions on how to get help in Windows 10

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