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How to clear the clipboard on Android

Quickly erase your Android clipboard with or without the help of free third-party apps. By easily copying, accessing, and deleting any sensitive information on the Android clipboard, you can protect your privacy.
How to access, add, and erase Android clipboard text

Knowing how to clear your Android device's clipboard is a must to protect your privacy. Someone you let use your for phone for some reason, and that knows their way around a device could see things you don't want them to see. To erase your Android device's clipboard, you will need to know how to access it and add text to it. The instructions below will show you everything you need to know:

  • How to access the Android clipboard.
  • Useful third-party clipboard apps for Android.
  • How to copy text to the Android clipboard.
  • How to clear the clipboard history on Android.

How to access your Android device's clipboard

Unfortunately, Android doesn't have a dedicated app where you can see everything you've copied. You can only see the last text you copied when you paste it.

Clipboard apps for Android

There are many third-party apps you can try which record everything you copy without having to worry about it disappearing.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store.
  2. EnterĀ clipboard in the search bar, and you will see a list of various apps you can try.
How to clear the clipboard on Android - the many Clipboard apps in the Google Play Store
How to clear the clipboard on Android - the many Clipboard apps in the Google Play Store

For example, a free and popular app that's available for download is Clipper. The app allows you to save as many as 20 clippings and saves these either by date or by contents. In this app's settings, there are options to:

  • Add an icon to the notification bar.
  • Enable dark mode.
  • Show the currently copied clipping in the notifications.
  • Add actions such as pause, clear/delete, and clear to the notification bar.
Add actions to clipboard in notifications bar
Add extra actions to the clipboard in the notification bar

If you want to keep things simple and use a clipboard app that only saves what you copy and not much else, Gboard is a good option. Besides being a straightforward keyboard app, it also has an easy-to-use clipboard feature.

Enable the clipboard feature in Gboard

  1. Open your preferred browser on your Android device.
  2. Tap on anything in the browser that requires you to enter text.
  3. When the keyboard appears, tap on the clipboard icon.
    Quickly clear Android Clipboard
    Press the clipboard icon to access it
  4. Gboard will clearly state that the clipboard is off. Tap the toggle button at the top fo the message to enable it.
    How to turn on Android Gboard clipboard
    How to turn on the Gboard clipboard

Once you activate the Board clipboard, it will show you a message letting you know that it's empty. It won't include any text samples for you to edit.

How to copy text to the Android clipboard

Adding text to Android's clipboard is easy.

  1. Go to the text that you want to copy
  2. Long-press on the text
  3. Tap on the Copy to add the text to the clipboard
Add text to Android clipboard
Easily saving text to the Android clipboard

If you're not using a third-party app to save your copied text to the clipboard, you can only see what you copied by pasting it into a text field. When you copy text, it will appear in both the native Android clipboard and in any third-party clipboard app you've installed.

Quickly clear the clipboard history on Android

With Android's built-in clipboard, you can only save one copied text at any one time. You can't copy two things and keep both - only the most recently copied text is stored in the native Android clipboard.

Clear the clipboard history in Clipper

  1. Open the app and long-press on one of the clips you want to erase.
  2. When you see a checkmark next to the text, tap on the other ones you also want to eliminate to select them.
  3. Then tap the trash icon at the top to delete them.
    clearing Android clipboard
    Erasing text from the Clipper app for Android
  4. The app will ask you if you are sure that this is what you want to do. Tap on Delete, and you've just cleared your the Clipper clipboard on Android.

Which clipboard app are you going to use?

The clipboard in Android is a feature where there is much room for improvement. If you need the clipboard to do more than just save the last thing you copied, a third-party app is your best option. Which app are you going to try?

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