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Google phone number lookup

Have you received a call from an unknown phone number? Find out who it belongs to with Google phone number lookup
Google phone number lookup

How to do a Google phone number lookup

Have you recently got a phone call from a number you've never seen before? Curious to know who it was? The solution is simple; you can always do a reverse phone lookup. A reverse phone lookup is exactly what you might think it will mean. It is just a search for information about who uses the number that was used to call you. In this article you'll learn:

  • How to search for the owner of a phone number using Google.
  • How to do a reverse phone number lookup using other contact details.
  • How to narrow down the list of results from a reverse number lookup.
  • How to use Zabasearch to find out who called you.

Before we start Of course, you can look up for the number online in many ways. However, the easiest thing is to google it since the search giant already tracks quite a lot of information. So, if that particular number has already been crawled by Google, you will most likely find the source. To be clear, using Google to find the owner of the number just involves a more specific search technique. It's also useful to be aware that if you know other details such as an address or a name, you can use Google to find a phone number using that information. Plus, the instructions and tips below work regardless of the carrier used by the phone number owner, and regardless of the type of phone (iPhone, Android, etc.)

How to search for a phone number using Google

Doing a reverse phone number lookup using Google is pretty easy.

  1. Go to
  2. Type the phone number you received the call from along with the area code into the search field and press Enter.

Searching for a private vs business phone number

For a majority of private phone number searches, Google will display a range of results as it extracts numbers from various sources. This also means you will have to make your way through the various results to find the right information. However, if it was a business that called you, then Google will usually show you exactly that number and the business who owns it in the first few results. As a bonus, if the business is registered with Google Maps, then the results will also show its company name, address, business hours, website, and other relevant information. It can be quite difficult to find the owner of a phone number if it belongs to a private household or mobile device. Generally, such details are not posted openly on the internet. In such cases, you can search for it on Google and hope that it is listed with their social media profile or any other account that is publicly accessible. Google can easily find and display such accounts where their numbers are listed when you search for it.

Doing a completely free reverse phone lookup with a name

In most cases, entering just the phone number should be enough since phone numbers are unique. However, if that doesn’t work, you can always do a free reverse phone lookup on Google using a name or any other information you know is related to the phone number. For instance, if someone called Barbara Williams called you, but you want to find out additional information like her hometown and email address, then you can use her name and phone number to do a reverse number search. Let's use this as an example:

Add extra details like a person's name to do a reverse phone number search on Google
Add extra details like a person's name to do a reverse phone number search on Google
  1. Type Barbara Williams 050-115-9897 into the Google search field.
  2. If you know any other details, like her city, occupation or state, enter these too.
  3. Then press Enter.

Google will show you results that match the information you entered. Often you'll see a person's social media accounts or their LinkedIn profile, or maybe even their website. Names and locations have more weight than phone numbers, so you'll see results for the person you searched for where the phone number is missing in the results.

Narrow down the results of your reverse number lookup

You can make the results Google shows you more accurate with some quick search engine tricks.

  • Are you looking for results from a single website? Enter in the Google search field along with the phone number and/or name (replace with the site you want to search.)
  • Not seeing any results matching phone numbers? No problems! Simply enter the zip code that matches the area code instead of the phone number itself.
Google phone number lookup - searching with name and zip code
To narrow down Google phone number lookup, add in the zip code too

If you’re in luck, you'll find them listed in an online directory or see their social media account showing the phone number that wasn't found in your initial Google search.

Do a people search to find the owner of a phone number

While you might find some numbers online easily, others such as temporary numbers, landlines, and mobile numbers aren’t usually crawled by Google may not be listed online at all. However, there are still ways you can search for them, one of which is Zabasearch. This online people directory tracks all the personal information ever listed on the web ranging from phone numbers to physical addresses and even birth dates.

How to use Zabasearch to find a phone number

While the site is somewhat controversial, Zabasearch is absolutely legal. It collects all information about a person from anywhere on the internet and puts it into one convenient place so that it’s easily accessible to the public.

Using Zabasearch for Google phone number lookup
With Zabasearch's extensive database, you can find the number you're looking for!
  1. Go to
  2. Enter a person's name in the top field, select a state if you know it from the drop down, and click Search.

You can't search for a phone number for free using Zabasearch, that's why it's better to do a reverse number search using someone's name and location if you know it.

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