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What is Zune?

Microsoft's Zune is Microsoft's digital media management software, which is sort of analogous to Apple's iTunes in that it functions as an online media store, a media player, and a media manager. The Zune brand covers the entirety of Microsoft's digital store, devices (which have been discontinued since 2011), and the software itself; however Microsoft confirmed their plans to discontinue the Zune service as of June 2012 and unveiled their plans to restructure the brand into the Xbox Music and Xbox Video labels. Zune also offers the Zune Music Pass, a media subscription service, a streaming service for the Xbox 360 using the Zune software, and media applications and software for all Windows Phones (in fact, Microsoft has encouraged all Zune device owners to transition to Windows Phones).

The Zune software is primarily a desktop application for Windows computers (running Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7) and is based around Microsoft's unique Metro design language, which is used in Windows Phones and will be featured extensively in Windows 8. It functions as a media player with a full-fledged media library, and can be used to synchronize media with Windows Phones, Zune devices and Microsoft Kin phones. The software can directly connect to the Zune marketplace and download media (videos and music) from its inventory; to date, the Zune marketplace offers about 14 million songs, majority of them DRM-free and selected by Microsoft.

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