Zuma's Revenge Premium Edition

What is Zuma's Revenge Premium Edition?

Zuma’s Revenge Premium Edition is a game that can be played on either a Mac using Mac OS X 10.4.11-10.5.x or a PC using Windows Vista or XP. The program only requires the user to be online for registration or download of the game, but can be played while offline after that.

The game has a wildly colorful, Maori-art-inspired visual theme. The point of the game is fairly simple: the player has to prevent a line of gradually stacking colored balls from reaching a skull icon. The icon sits at the end of a grooved channel that the balls follow as they issue from the other end, with a new ball showing up at regular intervals. Every new ball pushes the line further along the channel, of course, and ever nearer the skull. To prevent the line from making it to the skull, a “shooting frog” operated by the user targets specific balls in color patterns to knock them out of the line. The frog may be at the center of the screen or placed elsewhere, and the user operates it by guiding its aim with his cursor position.

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