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What is ZooskMessenger?

The ZooskMessenger is an online chat application published by online dating and singles matching site Zoosk. This application enables users to simultaneously chat on their Zoosk account and on Facebook. It also allows Zoosk subscribers to broadcast their activities online and in realtime using the ZooskMessenger video chat and video streaming features. It is developed by Zoosk software engineer Jeff Knight and is available for free download for Zoosk subscribers. It works with Windows OS and Mac OS and a mobile version is also available.

The ZooskMessenger is designed to enhance communication and interaction among Zoosk clients and those that have already acquinted themselves with other Zoosk users. Zoosk friends are called Connections and they are those that have joined each other's social lmedia networks.

With ZooskMessenger, users can optimize their chat time, interact with their Facebook network and connect their activities to friends in this social networking site, thus extending their Zoosk experience outside of their subscriber accounts. This is done with a feature in ZooskMessenger which allows users to video stream their current activities to Facebook users who are also using the ZooskMessenger. Streaming to multiple Zoosk subscribers is possible.

The ZooskMessenger has a user interface that features a Messenger, Video Chat and Video Stream windows. It also indicates the availability status of Zoosk friends online with Away, Invisible and Available modes.

Download ZooskMessenger from the developer

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Download ZooskMessenger (external link)


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Last updated: : July 18, 2012