Wizet MapleStory

What is Wizet MapleStory?

The Wizet MapleStory is an online role playing game in 2D, with a massively multiplayer game format that features the Maple Word as a launching pad for unique story plots and adventures that the players can create, or join. It also offers interactive player features through chat, trading and mini games.

The game is created by South Korean video game developer Wizet, and published by several companies like Nexon based on regions and territories. It is free for download and to play online. However, some character accessories and skill level support can be purchased from the game site's Cash Shop.

In the game, players start as beginners and advance into Warrior, Magician, Bowmen, Pirate or Thief. They choose various locations from three Maple World continets – Maple Island, Ossyria and Victoria Island to begin their adventure. The specific regions include Ereve, Aqua Road, Rien, Nihat Desert, Mu Lung Garden, Edelstein, Ludus Lake, El Nath Mountains, Minar Forest and Temple of Time.

Each location has its own people, towns, culture and monsters. NPCs are townsfolks that the players interact with to get information, shop from and seek help for the quests. Players can form groups to hunt monsters, share rewards and form guilds to make tasks easier.

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