Wise Disk Cleaner

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What is Wise Disk Cleaner?

Wise Disk Cleaner is a free disk defragmenter and cleaner to wipe out junk files from your browsers, disk drives and operating system. It will relieve Internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorere and Safari from cookies, history, temporary files and autocomplete form history. It will also remove temporary files, log files, deleted files on Recycle Bin, recent documents and other useless files that burden your computer. It features “slim down” that functions to remove extra items such as wallpapers and other files that you may not need.

It allows you to search for files you want to remove by using their extensions. The Slimming System removes Windows objects that you are not using anymore such as sample music, sample videos, smaple pictures, help files, IME files, installer baseline cache, download install files and more. You can select the areas that you want to be scanned for useless files such as Windows System, Surf the Internet and Multimedia, and for traces on your computer in Windows System, Surf the Internet, Windows Components and on other applications. You have options to select all, recommended or select none. The Scheduler provides you options to Select Run Type [period such as weekly], Select Day and Time. You can turn Scheduler on or off.

The Advanced Cleaner provides advanced settings to free up more space and look for more unused files. The Slimming System will search and list down items found and the total disk space that will be freed from your system with the file size, location and suggested action [such as Remove, For More Space, etc]. Disk Defrag will let you choose the drive you want to defrag such as System, Software, Document and Backup. It will indicate the file system, total space, free space, fragmentation and status. The color legend for free space, folder, file, fragments, system file and MFT will show the progress and activity while defragmentation is going on. You also have an option to shut down after defragmenting by checking the box. You can also stop or pause defragmentation.

Download Wise Disk Cleaner from the developer

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Download Wise Disk Cleaner (external link)


About file types supported by Wise Disk Cleaner

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Last updated: : December 2, 2012