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What is WinDirStat?

WinDirStat1.1 is a type of disk usage statistics viewer. It is also a tool that is used for cleanup. This utility can show the user how hard his disk drive space is used, and helps him clean it. On startup, it opens the Select Drives catalog and the user can choose among three options: All local drivers, a folder, and individual drives. This utility can read the whole directory tree that is showing how space is distributed. WinDirStat1.1 runs on all platforms of Microsoft Windows.

It is easy how to perform the WinDirStat1.1’s installation process. It has a help documentation that is included inside the software and gives a good guide on how to operate and use the utility. Its GUI is designed to use just one window and show the information distribution on it in three sections: A directory list, extension list, and a treemap. The information that is colored can be identified quickly and can be associated with its extensions, files, directories, and treemap. By using this file, utility can also be easily identified.

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Last updated: : January 26, 2014