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What is WebcamApp?

Webcam App by TrueLook provides you remote access to your Webcam feed through your mobile device. You can share your images and other media through E-mail using the application. It allows you to take photos with your mobile device and directly upload them to your Webcam photo album. It provides an interactive experience that is benefited by industry and business such as resorts, museums, trade shows, live exhibits, sports events and other entertainment functions to be able to accommodate Web visitors to witness the events from their locations. It is a new way to reach your audience and share your media and experience.

TrueLook is a development company that specializes on cameras especially such as fixed-position, solar, streaming and PTZ Webcams and construction cameras, camera systems and access to these hardware from anywhere and anytime possible through streaming, Web and mobile.

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Download WebcamApp (external link)


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Last updated: : October 24, 2012