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What is WealthBuilder?

The WealthBuilder is a web-based portal that provides key information, business and technical support and a host of products for real estate sellers or brokers. With the high cost of real property taxes which extends not only to the buyer but to the seller as well, profits from selling homes and lots has consistently been low after pre-sales taxes. The WealthBuilder enables the seller to suspend taxes on the proceeds of the property sale for as long as 30 years. It gives users the knowledge on how to convert the full proceeds before tax to achieve rates of returns by using a feature called the Measuring Index.

As a sales instalment processor, the WealthBuilder provides the user with various products that allows them to realize their tax-free sales goals. These products are divided into three categories, the WealthBuilder, the WealthBuilder Receivables Program and the WealthBuilder Applications. These online applications include a variety of tools to automate computing transactions like attorney fees, legal receivables, engineering fees and other service-based receivables.

The portal features user success stories, strategic partnership opportunities, webinar activities, and other interactive activities. The WealthBuilder portal and application products are created by Peachtree Financial Solutions. The products are available for purchase while trial membership is offered using an online member account.

Download WealthBuilder from the developer

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Download WealthBuilder (external link)


About file types supported by WealthBuilder

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Last updated: : August 22, 2012