WD SmartWare

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What is WD SmartWare?

The Western Digital WD SmartWare comes preloaded into many Western Digital products, especially in their hard drives (including external ones). The WD SmartWare is available for Windows computers only, starting from Windows XP and up, and supports the Western Digital My Book and My Passport series of external hard drives. Essentially, the WD SmartWare is a powerful backup application that creates a snapshot of your files and stores them in a separate file, ready to be retrieved in case of a data corruption or compromise.

Like most backup software, WD SmartWare automatically backs up your data every once in a while (the user can even set the frequency of this process), running in the background unobtrusively. Furthermore, Western Digital also includes SmartWare with the ability to encrypt your sensitive date with 256-bit hardware encryption that passes security standards set by the US Department of Defense, plus other tools that you can customize and configure right from the control center of the WD SmartWare.

Users however complain that SmartWare is anything but smart and is a poorly-designed application by Western Digital. Customers say that it does backup files, but the process is so unnecessarily convoluted that they would rather use a third-party backup software instead.

Download WD SmartWare from the developer

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Download WD SmartWare (external link)


About file types supported by WD SmartWare

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012