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What is vsthost Application?

VST, also known as a Virtual Studio Technology, is a software interface that integrates software audio synthesizers and effect plug-ins with audio editors, as well as hard-disk recording systems. VST, along with similar technologies, uses digital signal progressing to simulate traditional recording studio hardware in software. Many commercial and freeware plug-ins exist and a number of audio applications support VST under license from the creator, Steinberg. The Key Performance Indicators for hardware or software that VST hosts for live, onstage applications are having low warm-up time, CPU use, good sound quality, and a sufficient memory capacity. Requirements include Pentium II, a soundcard, and a minimum of 128 RAM.

VST plug-ins generally run within a digital studio workstation in order to provide additional functionality. A lot of VST plug-ins are either instruments or effects, but other categories do exist. These categories include spectrum analyzers and various meters. VST plug-ins usually provide a custom graphical user interface that displays controls that are similar to physical switches and knobs on audio hardware. VST instruments receive notes as digital info through MIDI and output digital audio.

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Last updated: : January 26, 2014