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What is VoipDiscount?

With the Android VoipDiscount app, users can make cheap calls over the Internet to any of their online friends, as well as various destinations. Users can download it and start calling their friends and relatives immediately. With VoipDiscount, users can also call and SMS anywhere in the world. They can also use their mobile phones or tablets for all VoipDiscount calls. All they have to do is to simply install their VoipDiscount app on their Android smartphones or tablets, and use their regular VoipDiscount credit for mobile calls as well. With the VoipDiscount mobile VoIP app, users can make cheap VoIP calls from their mobile phones.

Users can download the VoipDiscount mobile VoIP app from their APP market, and register with one of the supported Void brands. The VoipDiscount app offers three call options. The VoIP Call is the standard calling option, and the user’s call gets connected right away. The Call Back option can be used if there is a weak 3G or Wi-Fi connection, or the user would like to use as little data as possible. Local Access numbers are also available.

Download VoipDiscount from the developer

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Download VoipDiscount (external link)


About file types supported by VoipDiscount

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Last updated: : April 9, 2014