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What is VobSubStrip?

VobSubStrip is a very small program used to shrink the VOB subtitle file of a DVD. By itself, a subtitle file is actually very small, but with tight space limitations – for example when burning to a CD – the VobSubStrip application enables the compression and trimming of bloated subtitle files. It can also be used to select which subtitle language can be used to hard-sub on a movie file, as some VOB subs contain several subtitle languages that only serve to increase its file size. With VobSubStrip, a user can target the specific language he needs and discard the rest, and then hard-sub the chosen subtitle on a video file. VobSubStrip is a free program and is an addon for the VobSub plugin, which is in itself an extension of VirtualDub’s capabilities.

VobSub, on the other hand, which VobSubStrip attaches to, is a free application plug-in for VirtualDub, a free video processing utility that is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). VobSub enables VirtualDub to rip subtitles from a DVD’s VOB folder, plus enabling the included DirectShow filter to play the DVD movie with the chosen subtitles, using the DivX standard. Sometimes, however, the ripped subtitles are too large, wherein VobSubStrip comes into play.


Download VobSubStrip from the developer

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Download VobSubStrip (external link)


About file types supported by VobSubStrip

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012