Virtual Villagers - New Believers

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What is Virtual Villagers - New Believers?

The latest sequel to the long-running Virtual Villagers series developed by Last Day of Work and published by Wild Tangent concerns the rise of religion and belief system for the shipwrecked inhabitants (and main characters) of the remote island of Isola. True to Virtual Villagers tradition, you will still engage in a village simulation game with Virtual Villagers, but this time with the added dimension of a conversion system wherein the objective of the game is not only to raise a self-sufficient village, but also to convert the “heathens” – the aboriginal natives of Isola – to your cause either through diplomacy or force.

New Believers was inspired, in part, by god games, such as Black & White (and its sequel), which is why the game is predominantly about making choices for your tribe, and that the game focuses on converting the “heathens” to your way of life and beliefs, and that you – the player – gains energy from the beliefs of your tribe and those that they have converted. In return, this energy can be used to create droughts, bees, and other supernatural phenomena to aid your villagers.

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012