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What is Virtual DJ Pro Full - Atomix Productions?

Virtual DJ Pro 7 offers you unlimited music, music management, multi-deck engine, remixing of live sources through mic and line in, GeniusDJ, HQ sound and feel, online interactivity, database management and rewire support. The new features are combined with Virtual DJ core values of versatility, latest technology and accessibility.
Its multi-deck engine offers you up to 99 decks. You can have as many line-in inputs as your audio hardware can support, and you can make an instant record of a portion of your input stream for replay and scratching. Virtual DJ Pro is compatible with any Rewire application allowing you to work from your Rewire app or from VirtualDJ. Genius DJ updates your music library by recommending new songs based on your existing collection of songs or mixing habits. The new audio engine provides you with Advanced Master Tempo for clearer sound and Pure Scratch mode for high-fidelity scratch emulation.

Database management covers renaming or changing multiple files at once, flow of information to and from ID3 tags, using various field extensions, nesting virtual folders and organizing your libraries. Virtual DJ Pro 7 offers predefined mapping for a vast array of DJ Controllers with more than 80 default installers and more that you can download from the Website, and lets you easily tweak or customize the mappings according to your preference.

It has its new scripting language- VDJscript. Virtual DJ has 40 different USB controllers by default that are fully mapped and ready for plug-and-play. You can make a definition for any HID or MIDI controller that is not in the list using simple XML syntax. NetSearch will help you look for songs you need on the Internet. You can get feedbacks and learn through online interaction with other DJs in MusicGroups. It also provides a new Timecode Engine, new Skin engine, faster video engine than previous editions and Unicode compatibility for foreign languages.

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Last updated: : October 24, 2012