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What is Unity Web Player?

Unity Web Player is a type of a browser plugin (only for Windows and MAC OS X; Linux is not supported) that enables playback of 3D browser games that were authored using the Unity engine. Similar in concept to Adobe’s Flash Player and Shockwave Player, Unity is much more varied and powerful, and has even won a Technology Innovation award from the Wall Street Journal in 2010. The Unity engine can be run on Windows and MAC OS X computers, and the games it can develop can be played on a wide selection of platforms, including game consoles, iOS and Android devices, PCs, and MAC OS X computers. Though it is able to take advantage of several new technologies in game design – such as Nvidia’s PhysX engine and Direct3D/OpenGL, one of the more recent criticisms is that the Unity engine fails to take full advantage of DirectX 11.

The Unity Web Player is a standalone plugin that enables users to access content and games that used the Unity engine. It is a free download for PCs and Macs. Some mobile devices feature native support for the Unity Web Player, but others (mostly older) still need to have this plugin installed to enjoy Unity-made games and animations.

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012