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What is UnfriendApp?

UnfriendApp is an application that notifies you when someone from your Facebook network removes you from his/her list of friends. It is installed under More Apps on your Facebook account. It supports Internet Explorer 7 and above and FireFox 3.5 and above. It is free software as an ad-supported service. Therefore, you expect ads to appear when you install this application. It works by installing a browser plug-in on your Internet Explorer or FireFox.

To install, simply download the program and run it when the File Download box appears. To uninstall on Windows Control Panel, go to Start. Click Control Panel. Choose Add/Remove Programs then UnfriendApp. On Windows Program Files, go to Start. Select Computer, then C Drive. Choose Program Files, then UnfriendApp and finally Uninstall. On Internet Explorer, go to Settings. Choose Manage Add-ons. Select Toolbars and Extensions, then UnfriendApp. On FireFox, go to Tools, then Add-ons. Choose Extensions, then UnfriendApp. Finally, choose Remove.

UnfriendApp features Unfriend Notifications, Account Deletion Notices to let you know who among your social network friends deleted their Facebook account, frequent check by monitoring your friends every 15 minutes to alert you automatically on any changes and quick installation of the application without letting you do anything taxing as it lets you work on your Facebook normally while it runs unnoticeable on the background.

Download UnfriendApp from the developer

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Download UnfriendApp (external link)


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Last updated: : November 28, 2012