Unfriend Checker

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What is Unfriend Checker?

Unfriend Checker is an application from the software Unfriend Finder. This is actually a plug-in that installs on Web browsers, specifically, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The plug-in serves as a notifier for Facebook users, letting them know when someone on their friends list deletes, removes or un-friends them. When someone removes the user from their friends list, they will be prompted through the Notifications tab on the user’s Facebook page.

A notifier icon will also be displayed on the user’s FB page, next to the chat notifier at the bottom of the page. Additionally, the application will also automatically display on the left pane of the user’s FB home page. An “Unfriends” notifier is likewise displayed on the upper left corner of the user’s FB page, next to the Home button.

The plug-in basically makes it easier for users to find out who has deleted them from their friends list, without having to manually check the number of friends, and then inputting each friend’s name on the Search box to see if the user is still connected with a certain friend.

Download Unfriend Checker from the developer

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Download Unfriend Checker (external link)


About file types supported by Unfriend Checker

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Last updated: : June 14, 2013