Turtle Bay

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What is Turtle Bay?

Turtle Bay is a game by Snowstep Development that provides you with real-time effects and graphics. You will be fighting octopuses using powerful equipments such as the Water Cannon, Turbo Boost among others. You will meet poisonous snakes in the Amazon, Caribbean boxing crabs, mine-splitting submarines as you cross the Arctic ocean, and a lot more challenges mixed with colorful adventures and rich underwater habitat.

Turtle Bay is a game that combines role-playing, puzzle and action. You will be assisted by an in-game interactive tutorial. It features 80 game levels, 5 secret levels and 5 bonus levels. There are 3 climate zones with different challenges and varying opponents. You should discover the entire story behind the game. Turbo Boost increases your speed while the Water Cannon makes your enemies unconscious. You need to stop the octopuses from invading your screen.

It has employed wave calculations and particle effects for a real-time presentation. It provides 3D support [OpenGL], list of top scores, profiles of players with memory system. The main character is played using mouse, gamepad, joystick and keyboard.

Download Turtle Bay from the developer

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Download Turtle Bay (external link)


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Last updated: : October 24, 2012