TuneUp Companion

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What is TuneUp Companion?

The Tune Up Companion is a plug-in for Apple's popular application, iTunes. The Tune Up Companion gives the iTunes library a much needed organizational and sorting boost, filling in the gaps where iTunes should have been complete in. This includes fixing erroneous labels and track information (such as wrong titles and artist), automatically remove or merge duplicate songs, search for missing album art, or even notify the user of concerts, gigs, and other events of selected artists based from the tracks on your library.

Apple’s iTunes is one of the most widely recognized digital library software in the planet, which is able to find, download, and organize your collection of audio files, and works with iOS devices such as the iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, and the iPad. First introduced by Apple in 2001 (although first developed in 2000, and only renamed as “iTunes” when the software and its developers were acquired by Apple), it is also capable of acting as a full-fledged media player similar to Microsoft’s Windows Media Player or Nullsoft’s Winamp, and comes capable of playback with various file formats out of the box, especially of Quicktime media, and supports visualizations as well. iTunes is proprietary freeware, meaning that it is free to download, but its source code is wholly owned by Apple and cannot be given to third party developers unless they’re for SDKs (software development kits) for addons and extensions. iTunes, which are natively supported by Mac OS computers, are also capable of being run on Windows XP and higher.

iTunes also features the iTunes Store, where users can find and buy (and download) songs of their favorite artists or bands for a limited number of computers, and an unlimited number of iPods, or similar devices.

Download TuneUp Companion from the developer

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Download TuneUp Companion (external link)


About file types supported by TuneUp Companion

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Last updated: : July 11, 2012