Tropical Swaps

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What is Tropical Swaps?

Tropical Swaps lets the player grab stacks of wooden blocks, and recognize them to align the animal images. It lets the player escape to a paradise of puzzling fun in this sequel to the hit game. The player can stack fruits to make smoothies in Smoothie Stall, build colorful Tiki souvenirs in Tikitastic, and stage a fireworks display in Fireworks Extravaganza. Each game mode also builds on match-and-stack puzzle gameplay. System requirements include a 128MB RAM, a Pentium 3 processor, and a Windows XP/Vista operating system.

Players can learn combo moves, secret moves, and unlock master classes. Mastering Tropical Swaps will also allow the player to unlock two bonus modes. The game has an endurance mode to see which player can last the longest while playing, while Combo challenge allows the players to build huge combos with the blocks. Tropical Swaps also allows the players to play four different game modes as well as additional mini-games. It is a good collection of puzzle games that will keep the player entertained. He can also enjoy this creative game while putting fruits together, building Tikis and rockets, and shooting different targets.

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Download Tropical Swaps (external link)


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Last updated: : November 24, 2013