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What is Surf Ots Files?

The file extension “.ots” was developed to become a standard of storing the additional data types that the latest audio programs require. The developers conceptualized and designed the file extension for music play-out systems. Also called Ots files or Ots Album files, Ots Media Files enclose various data types such as video data, audio data, CD +G data, copyright information, album cover graphics, title/artist information, genre, mix point information, etc , in a single file. Moreover, an entire album can be contained in one Ots file, not just a single song or track. Because of these features, Ots files can be used to store entire musical outputs, like CDs for instance, with not only just the audio but also all the information. Ots files can be used with music play-out systems like OtsAV to maximize functionality not available with the use of standard MP3 files. This is made possible by the file extension’s unique structure.

An Ots file is a group of predefined blocks of data. Because of there are numerous data block types and the file extension’s basic design, expansion in many different areas without having compatibility issues with existing software is possible.

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File types supported by Surf Ots Files

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