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What is SuperCopier2?

SuperCopier2 is an application that lets you copy large volumes of files faster and more efficiently. It lets you indicate the speed and exact time required to finish copying. You can restart or pause copying while in progress. It creates lists of copy preferences within directories. It replaces the Windows Explorer file copy feature. Its main features include resume transfer, copy speed control, copy speed computation, better display of copy progress, editable copy list while copy is in progress, error logs and copy saving list then load it later.

Copying time is proportional to the size of the file you are copying. The larger the volume or size of the file, the longer it takes to finish copying. When you are in a hurry, you even have the tendency to abort the copying process when it’s still far from the finish time. You need a fast copy program such as SuperCopier2 to help you with this task.

It is also available in French, Spanish and Portuguese languages. It supports Unicode filenames. You are able to preserve the NTFS rights of your files while moving and copying them. In case of errors, the application will save a logged file for all the failures such as Source, User-defined or Destination. You can set the copy speed, and the default answer when file collision occurs or the way to handle errors. The Copies & Moves Behavior lets you choose settings for handling your copy list, security and attribute sof your files and deleting.

Download SuperCopier2 from the developer does not provide software hosting. We send you directly to the developer's site, to make sure you download the latest, original version of the program.

Download SuperCopier2 (external link)


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Last updated: : November 27, 2012