Styles All Blues

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What is Styles All Blues?

The Styles All Blues pack refers to one of the MIDI Styles Sets supplied by PG Music for users of it Band in a Box software. There are in fact at least two All Blues packs provided by PG Music: one of them is Set 16 and the other is Set 63. To understand how to use them, however, it is necessary to know how Band in a Box works first.

Band in a Box is a program that generates musical arrangements on demand based on user input selections such as chord and musical style selections. The Styles packs are crucial parts of the input in this process, with users choosing from the styles in their library to audition which ones they want to include in their songs. The All Blues set adds some crucial—some might even say seminal—blues styles to the user’s media, with some making use of classic blues pianos and others using guitar and bass. There are StevieRay-like styles, ones copied after DrJon’s distinctive sound, ones patterned straight after James B’s, some with Jitterbug influences, others taken after Clapton, and more.

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Last updated: : September 19, 2014