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StarSuite Calc

What is StarSuite Calc?

StarSuite Calc is the spreadsheet application of the now-defunct StarSuite Office. This used to be the local version of the office suite written and produced in Asian language including Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. This spreadsheet application was part of the project that aimed to market the office suite of OpenOffice in Asia which eventually produced a bigger installation footprint. Most features integrated within the software were somewhat similar to that of StarOffice Calc platform.

As it was originally designed as spreadsheet application, this particular software is integrated with a set of features that produces graphing series based on the data provided by a particular software. It also aided users to analyze data on tabular forms, making it an ideal platform for both individuals and businesses. This software was also capable of processing formulas manually inputted by a user although it also comes with the functionality to assist users with pre-embedded formulas.

Numeric data needed for arithmetic and mathematical calculations can also be analyzed with this software. StarSuite Calc was also capable of performing statistical operations that are essential for research and different forms of studies.

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File types supported by StarSuite Calc

Our users primarily use StarSuite Calc to open these file types:

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