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What is StarOffice Writer?

StarOffice Writer is a word processor that belongs to StarOffice software; a suite of office applications first developed by StarDivision. With the evolution of the software, the office suite is now known as the Apache OpenOffice software suite.

Apart from StarOffice Write, the StarOffice suite also included the following applications: spreadsheet (StarCalc), slide show presentation (StarImpress), drawing (StarDraw), database (StarBase) and formula generator (StarMath). Older versions also included a personal information manager (StarSchedule), e-mail client (StarMail), news client (StarDiscussion), a Web browser and an HTML editor.

The word processor has similar functions as that of Microsoft’s Word or Corel’s WordPerfect. StarOffice has the default file format of OASIS ODF (Open Document Format). Users may also save their document files in other popular formats such as .doc, .docx or .rtf. Users may also export their files to PDF format.

The application features a set of templates, drawing tools, equation editor, mail merge, auto correct and auto complete functions; plus a set of tools to customize page layouts, embed spreadsheets and images or objects, and track changes made to the original document.

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File types supported by StarOffice Writer

Our users primarily use StarOffice Writer to open these file types:

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