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What is SpyBot-S&D?

SpyBot S&D (Search & Destroy) is a system security program developed by Safer-Networking Ltd. The program has the main responsibility of preventing any type of malicious software from attacking the system. Malicious software or processes may come in the form of a malware, rootkit, spyware or adware.

A malware, which is short for malevolent software, installs itself onto the system to disrupt processes or operations. It may attack the Web browser, making itself as the default browser of the user without the user’s knowledge. It may gather information about the user’s system and send this back to the malware developer.

A spyware is used by hackers to spy on the user, gathering information about their personal identity or computer activities, and then using these for fraudulent activities; while an adware displays several advertisements without the user’s consent, which the developer may then use to generate income.

While a rootkit is a hidden process that embeds itself onto the system to gain privileged access to a computer, enabling the developer to also spy on the user, and manipulate the computer without the user’s knowledge. A rootkit remover is needed to detect the hidden process. A regular antivirus program may not be able to detect rootkits.

SpyBot S&D removes all of these types of malicious software. There is a free version, with basic removal functions; a Home edition that can also scan iPhone profiles, and a Professional Edition that also functions as a boot CD creator, and is integrated with command line tools.

Download SpyBot-S&D from the developer

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File types supported by SpyBot-S&D

Our users primarily use SpyBot-S&D to open these file types:

About file types supported by SpyBot-S&D

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Last updated: : March 9, 2013