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What is Splashtop Streamer?

Splashtop Streamer is a free utility of Splashtop application that lets you connect and access your desktop from your Android, iPad or mobile device. It requires Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP for Windows platforms or Mac OS X 10.6 or above versions [Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion or Lion] for Mac platforms, 1.6GHz or faster dual core processor, 1GB RAM, 2048 or less screen resolution support for Windows, 2560 or less screen resolution support for Mac, audio settings within the range of 32KHz to 96KHz. The new version Splashtop Streamer for Windows v2.1.0.4 is compatible with Splashtop Win8 Metro Testbed enabling support for Windows 8 [Metro] touch.

To use the application, client application purchase or installation from the app store and streamer app download [free] and installation to PC or Mac is required. You should create a Splashtop account on your client app or Streamer. You have to log in at least once on your Splashtop account before you make a local connection. You have to enable the Anywhere Access Pack for your Splashtop account before you make a remote connection.

After launching the application, the Computer/Streamer list appears. It displays all the computers or devices with Splashtop Streamer application and currently logged in using the same Splashtop account. You can manage the resolution of every computer or Streamer device in the list using the Edit icon on the right of the computer with choices as 800 x 600, 1024x768 [best for iPad, although it may affect sizes of window and icon on actual computer] and native resolution [no changes to computer resolution although display may appear smaller on client]. To make Internet connections, you need to enable your Anywhere Access Pack.

Controls and Gestures are: keyboard> tap Keyboard icon near bottom right corner of screen; left-click> one finger tap; right click> one finger tap with hold; trackpad mode [mouse-like]> 2-finger tap; window scroll> 2-finger drag down/up; desktop pan> 3-finger drag down/up/right/left; advanced options by double tapping on Keyboard icon or 3-finger tap [depending on client devices] include disconnect, hints, orientation lock, smooth/sharp modes [low resolution/low frame rate, high resolution, high frame rate], multi-monitor [client monitor display], trackpad mode, arrow pad [virtual] and keyboard.

Download Splashtop Streamer from the developer

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Download Splashtop Streamer (external link)


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Last updated: : October 24, 2012