SpeedBit LTD VideoAccelerator

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The Speedbit Video Accelerator from Speedbit (makers of the Download Accelerator Plus, one of the early pioneers of the download management industry) is a desktop application that increases the normal bandwidth reserved for streaming content over the Internet (such as streaming videos and music that are played real-time, as opposed to downloading them and playing them afterwards). This effectively makes the videos and the media stream up to 4 to 6 times faster than normal, and solves the "buffering" problem people usually encounter when streaming such media over the Internet. The Speedbit Video Accelerator not only increases streaming media bandwidth, but also smoothens it. However, while it theoretically works for all sites that has streaming media content, the architecture of software allows it to work optimally for YouTube.

The Speedbit Video Accelerator has two editions, the paid, Premium version, and the Free version. Both versions increase video bandwidth from YouTube and other similar sites, but the Premium version has other benefits that users may want to check, including HD Video streaming acceleration and iTunes acceleration, where it speeds up the downloads of music and movies. The Speedbit Video Accelerator also has a built-in downloader where you can download captured movies and media, which is available for both editions.

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Last updated: : July 16, 2012