SoundTap Audiostream-Rekorder

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What is SoundTap Audiostream-Rekorder?

SoundTap is a streaming audio capture software which will convert any audio playing through the user’s computer to MP3 or WAV files. Streaming audio is also recorded by a special kernel driver to preserve digital audio quality.

Streaming Audio Recorder features include recording audio played on the user’s computer in direct digital, with no quality loss. It saves files in WAV or MP3 format with a range of selected codec and compression options. It has the ability to record and mix microphone input to capture both sides when recording a VoIP or Conference conversation. Streams can also be recorded directly to the VRS Recording System for enterprise database system use. This program works with all media players, including Windows Media Player, Real Audio, QuickTime, and softphones such as Skype, and Express Talk. It also directly links to WavePad Sound Editor Software so the user can edit the files that he has recorded. It also directly links to Switch MP3 File Converter Software so the user can convert the files from MP3 to other file formats. This program works on Windows 7 XP, Vista, and 8.

Download SoundTap Audiostream-Rekorder from the developer does not provide software hosting. We send you directly to the developer's site, to make sure you download the latest, original version of the program.

Download SoundTap Audiostream-Rekorder (external link)


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Last updated: : March 8, 2014