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What is SONAR Studio?

Sonar Studio or Cakewalk Sonar Studio is a digital audio workstation developed by Cakewalk. It was released in September 2010. After several tests, the software was redesigned and launched its stable release on September 2013. It intends to help producers, music recording and digital musicians create midi music, even with minimal musical instruments.

The Sonar Studio can basically create and edit music using a midi keyboard. It can record any musical instruments. In relation to this, the software supports multitrack feature in which the user can work with a large number of tracks at the same time. For example, he can first create a base tone as a foundation for his song track. Then he can apply drums or other music in his second track. Sonar has a different variety of musical instruments to choose from. In the keyboard, the user can choose for over 180 types of keyboard. One of which is, the most popular type, "Grand Piano". The software also has different types of built in instrument synthesizer such as drum sets. Apart from the built in music, Sonar can also manage external instruments such as guitars and violins.

The software also supports mixing and editing midi music. It can import existing midi and cut them to which the user desires. The user can also apply different DirectX special effects such as reverb, distortion, echo, treble and delay. Apart from this, the Sonar Studio also supports a 64bit suite of other computers. The exported files from Sonar can be shared online directly. It can also be uploaded in the YouTube.

The Sonar Studio also supports video editing and syncing of audio midi. It supports most video formats such as .AVI, .MPEG, .MP4 and more. These videos can be viewed via firewire if the software is properly calibrated with the hardware. The sonar Studio can export audio files. It can export .wav, .wmv, .aiff, .flac and .AU. Cakewalk Sonar Studio runs in Windows operating system. It supports various Windows OS such as Windows XP.

Download SONAR Studio from the developer does not provide software hosting. We send you directly to the developer's site, to make sure you download the latest, original version of the program.

Download SONAR Studio (external link)


File types supported by SONAR Studio

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Last updated: : January 31, 2014